Professional Testimony

Moving has always been a part of my life. My father was in the Marine Corps and we were constantly being transferred from base to base across the country and across the world. I certainly understand the struggles of having to pack up your family and relocate. I got a job with a moving company after graduating high school to help pay for college. I worked as a mover and went to engineering school to earn my degree. Upon graduating college with an engineering degree, I got a "professional job" but continued to work as a mover on weekends. Over the next few years my engineering job was lost due to downsizing in the telecommunications industry. I made the decision to follow my passion and talent as a mover and started The Move Pros. Nothing means more to me than helping families. I understand how difficult moving can be, so I make it my job to ensure the experience can be as easy as possible for my clients! I am a dedicated professional Mover and a man of Faith. God leads the Way!